12th of December 2023 at 7h00pm

How it went - Christmas Party at REDD - a great time had by all!

The France New Zealand Association Christmas party was held on December 12th 2023 as a private function at REDD, the French-NZ wine bar In Paris. It was universally agreed to be a really great night out.

As a brand new member, this was my first contact with the Association and it was a joy to meet some very longstanding members as well as other newbie ones like me. I was so happy to meet up with fellow Kiwis and enthusiastic French members. I also met a Brazilian and a couple of Italians!

The food, magnificent planches of cheese and charcuterie along with vegetarian offerings was truly excellent. The wine, French and Italian, was also, quite simply, superb. Our hosts treated us very well, and very special thanks are due to owners, Markéta and Rob for their generosity and a memorable night.

If you didn’t make it this time, I recommend coming next to the next one. I travelled up especially from the Auvergne and it was well worth it!

Lynette Thorstensen

End the year in a festive mood at our 2023 Christmas Party!

We're changing things up this year and in lieu of our dinner tradition, we have privatised Redd, the French-NZ wine bar in the 2nd. It will be a chance to celebrate with Franco-kiwi friends new and old, and connect over a glass of wine or two or three (or a beer or delicious organic non-alcoholic drinks!) and Redd's famous planches and vegetarian mediterranean platters. You'll also get some homemade traditional dessert and we'll have a French-NZ playlist to accompany it all.


Tickets are 23€ for our members (2023 and/or 2024) and 30€ for non members. Please note this is *not* a child-friendly event.

    France New Zealand Association Christmas Party

    Tuesday 12 December, from 7pm

    Redd, 28 Rue Saint Sauveur, 75002 Paris