6th of February 2024 at 07.30 pm

The France New Zealand Association is pleased to offer to members and other interested participants the opportunity of an online workshop on Te Titiri o Waitangi - the Treaty of Waitangi. The workshop will be held this Waitangi Day - February 6th 2024. The timing is especially appropriate given the legislation around the Treaty currently being considered by the New Zealand Government.

The Association is fortunate to have Sharelle Govignon-Sweet lead this workshop – or wananga – a uniquely Māori form of educative discussion. If you are not familiar with this concept, please see link below. Sharelle is a New Zealand woman who identifies as Māori/European, living in the South-West of France, and is expert in her cultural knowledge of the Treaty. Sharelle worked as an educator at Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Museum of New Zealand specifically on this subject for three years, educating people about Te Tiriti o Waitangi, which is considered New Zealand’s founding document.

Workshop Details

Title: What you didn’t know about the Treaty of Waitangi / Te Tiriti o Waitangi: A bi-cultural perspective

Duration :  2 hours
Time : 19:30 - 21:30 

Cost : 15€ for members of the Association, 25€ for non-members you only need to make one reservation per household)


1. Te Ao Māori / The pre-colonial Māori world
2. Māori and settler relationships
3. 1820s : The musket wars and key issues leading up to the Declaration of Independence & the subsequent Treaty of Waitangi
4. Key figures involved in the drafting of the Treaty of Waitangi
5. The content and journey of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and The Treaty of Waitangi 

6. Post-Treaty relations and consequences (19th century ; the NZ land wars) 


- To provide a foundation from which individuals may start to build their own understanding of New Zealand’s unique history 

- To learn about some of the key moments that have shaped New Zealand’s social landscape 

- Understand some of the key issues around Te Tiriti o Waitangi 


Given that our history is multi-layered and complex, the content provided in this workshop is not exhaustive. It is also imperative to state that while Sharelle speaks from a Māori perspective, her knowledge and learning are grounded in her own particular and unique education and experiences. As such, she does not nor claim to speak on behalf of, nor represent the views of the entirety of te ao Māori. Rather, she emphasises that each individual, whanau (family), hapu (subtribe) and iwi (tribal) grouping have their own specific set of experiences, relationships and feelings with regard to their own history and experiences of colonisation and Te Tiriti. Sharelle refers people to their whanau, or local iwi or Māori authority to deepen their knowledge on any of these issues. 

While the nature of this subject is inherently political and may cause discomfort, Sharelle approaches all of this with the humility, dignity and respect that all New Zealanders deserve. In return, we hope that participants come in good faith, with open hearts and minds, and a sincere willingness to learn – this is not a platform for protest nor debate, but a wananga, a peaceful forum for learning. 


How to participate

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We look forward to seeing you at this exceptional event.

Sharelle Govignon-Sweet